Women & Wealth

We believe in providing first class advice in a transparent and easy to understand manner. Our team has worked with women for over 30 years, through ups and downs. Let us assist you in achieving your financial goals, regardless of your life stage.

There are many stages in life that can affect your financial situation and having the right team behind you can set you up for long term success.

We offer tailored strategies for women embarking on a new career or seeking to invest. We also have built a strong reputation working with women who have been widowed, separated or divorced. Different life stages requires different advice and we will educate and assist you in navigating these decisions.

Studies show that on average, not only are women more fiscally responsible and save money, but also more successfully invest it. The reason many women do not capitalise on this is a lack of confidence. There can be many reasons why you may lack the confidence to go after your financial goals, so it is our goal here at Wise Owl to uncover your motivators and help you achieve your vision.

We start by having a conversation with you, getting to you know and the circumstances unique to you. We find out what your goals are, not just financial, where you would like to go, what you would like to do. We will then take what we know about you and develop a plan tailored to your individual situation. It is important to us that you fully understand each one of our recommendations, so education is a big part of our process. Finally, as we work towards achieving the goals we set together, we will keep in touch regularly to let you know how everything is going. This gives you the opportunity to make changes, shift your focus and keep track of your financial planning services.


Research shows that women’s wealth and income are growing faster than ever before and women will soon likely control the majority of household wealth. We have developed a tailored range of investment opportunities for women to explore. Our primary investment strategy is our Model Portfolio utilising the Core Satellite approach.

To summarise, we take both tried and tested and up and coming managed funds and challenge them to beat an index fund that tracks the market. Our Model Portfolios come with over 10 years of experience in working with women to achieve their investment goals. One of our proudest developments from this relationship is our ethically designed Model Portfolios. We sought to create a means to invest that doesn’t compromise our client’s ethical values, while still performing to our first class standards.

If you would like to find more about investing through Wise Owl, feel free to contact us to speak with one of Our Friendly Team.

Financially independent

Life can be full of sudden changes in financial situations and we understand that wealth and finances are often the last issue on the agenda when going through emotional stress. Often women can be left wondering where to start financially in the case of divorce, separation or widowed. Our team has worked with women for over 30 years to help them gain financial independence and work towards their future goals.

Our goal is to provide you with the best financial advice in a transparent and straightforward manner. We will work with you to answer some of the difficult questions you may have while going through these changes in circumstance. We will help you determine what you are entitled to, what your financial commitments are and what to do about your will, superannuation and life insurance. We will assist you in planning for the future to help you achieve your financial goals and alleviate your stress. Find out what you are entitled to by speaking to one of our team members online, or over the phone.


We offer a range of financial services to help your achieve your financial goals. We will take the guess work out of life insurance for you by tailoring the right policy to fit your current and future situations. We can also aid you in managing your superannuation and planning for your retirement. It is never too early or too late to have a plan or to know the options available to you. Speak to one of our team about answering any your financial planning questions.

I really value your advice

I really value your advice and have recommended your services to several family and friends. I’ve come to trust your advice in many matters over the years regarding anything to do with financial and legal matters as well as business.
Finally, I’d like to add that I like the way you treat your staff. Some have been with you from the time you first opened the Adelaide office and I’ve met other new people that you have recruited in recent years — all seem really happy to be there. It’s a big indication of your success as a manager and people person that you have retained such lovely people.


Simply the best

Very recently Bob represented me in a delicate financial situation. I had complete faith and trust in Bob during this time and found him to be professional at all times but also very personable. My financial situation is now in the process of being given a complete overhaul with excellent advice provided by a caring, ethical and consummate professional. I feel completely confident in dealing with Bob with my financial future”.
“I would recommend Bob and Wise Owl Financial (formerly Wealth Plus Solutions) as a great financial planning solution to anyone.


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