Wealth Report

get a clearer picture of your financial health in 15 minutes for complimentary

At Wise Owl Financial we have implemented a fantastic new online tool for our clients. Now you can create a personalised ‘Wealth Report’ to provide clarity on your present situation and future lifestyle expectations.

The problem is, if you don’t have a clear picture of your current position, it’s hard to know what you could be doing better to make your goals and dreams a reality.

You might be surprised by how clear your goals or future can become from a well-established starting point. By having your own personalised ‘Wealth Report’, you could begin to make the impact on your financial situation and make the journey to the financial future you have always wanted.

So, before you worry what the next 10, 20 or 30 years may have installed, there’s an important step to establish to make any uncertainty go away. And, that is establishing where you are starting from!

The Wealth Report is available, initially for complimentary, to all Wise Owl Model Portfolio clients as an expansion of our service offering to you. It is a simple and quick tool to update any of your financial details and to inform us of any changes in your life.

If you’d like access to the Wealth Report, Contact us and we will give you a unique code to get started.

Do you already have a code? Click here to login and begin creating your Wealth Report.


By answering a few simple questions about yourself and your finances, you can end up with a single report that consolidates your individual financial information,in around 15 minutes.

This includes information about:
  • Your work and income
  • Your household and other expenses
  • Your physical and mental health
  • Your superannuation and other investments
  • Your protection plan against sickness and injury

Importantly, it also gives you a starting point you can use to measure against in the future, allowing you to keep an eye on your progress and see what you’re doing well (or not so well!).

Once armed with your Wealth Report, you no longer need to guess about how you’re traveling financially. You will now be able to easily identify any areas of potential improvements – such as opportunities to pay your home loan off faster, reduce your everyday spending or close any gaps in protecting your wealth or income.

"When asked if I would like to complete a Wealth Report online, I felt a little apprehensive and concerned it would be complicated.
That was far from the truth! Once I logged in, I got the hang of it in no time. It enabled me to be more aware of my finances and what the end result would be now and when I retire. I was able to log in as many times as I wished to alter any figures, and had the ability to see the end result immediately.

I recommend it to anyone who is trying to work out ones’ finances, now or in the future. It’s a very handy tool and so easy to use."

Client Testimonial - Fran, 64 years old.

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you for send me the invitation to log in to the Wealth Report online service so that I can get a better idea of my overall financial position. The tool is really easy to use and I like the fact that I can go back in and change things and try out different financial scenarios.”

Client Testimonial - Carol