Aged Care

aged care advice

It can be a tough time if you (or your loved one) are about to make the transition from the family home to an aged care facility. Apart from the emotional upheaval, decisions about affordability of accommodation and the minefield of options available to finance it can be overwhelming. The knowledge that you can afford to stay in a comfortable environment where you are receiving the best care will bring peace of mind to you and your family.

The decision to transition into Aged Care is not one to make lightly, however, you may not be afforded the time to ponder the difficult decisions that need to be made.

We have worked alongside the elderly and their family’s for over 30 years, helping them make the right decisions in a transparent and open way. We will sit down with you and your family and examine your current personal and financial situation. We will help you plan what steps you need to take such as whether or not to sell your home, what to do about your investments and how these decisions can effect Aged Care fees.

Once you and your family have made the necessary decisions, we will help facilitate the transition and continue to assist you with budgeting, planning and maximising your entitlements.

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