Separating or getting a divorce

Separating or getting a divorce

Relationship breakdown and divorce affects every aspect of your life, and the financial side is no exception. This can present a whole new set of unique challenges you must face.

Where there is a breakdown in a relationship there is both a legal and financial impact on your life.
Often there are different financial solutions and therefore obtaining the right financial advice for your circumstances is important.

Perhaps you’re now making decisions in areas you never previously had to deal with. Or you may feel as though you are essentially starting over financially. This could even be the first time you’ve had to face any major financial decision-making on your own.

Regardless of the specifics of your situation, it’s likely you’re facing more financial uncertainty than you’ve ever experienced before. Fear is a natural response to this uncertainty. Getting help with navigating this new road is critical.

Stress over money issues is virtually unavoidable in divorce, and what you need during this difficult time is help in clarifying the major financial considerations for your future.

It’s a time where you must make the right decisions today, in order to create a more healthy and secure future. An adviser can work with you to identify the financial considerations that will then allow you to rebuild, now that the goalposts have changed.

Working with an adviser can also help you understand the range of options available to you, and map out a clear plan which can help you deal with the challenges of moving forward.

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