Redundancy can be a sudden, stressful event that can vastly change your personal and financial decisions. Understanding how your situation has changed and the implications on your financial security is key to navigating this tough time. We will work with you to ensure you are aware of your financial options including social welfare entitlements, and provide you with tailored advice based off of your individual situation.

We will sit down with you and review your financial and personal situation to unpack the issues we will need to overcome. To ensure we maximise your redundancy package, we will evaluate the strategies at our deposal, and adopt the best course of action to relieve your financial strain.

Redundancy package taxation, for example, has a complex tax model and vastly changes depending on the individual’s circumstances.

With over 10 years working with redundancy finances, we can give you assurance as we guide you through these strategies. The quality of the advice you receive during your redundancy can affect how well it is managed and what your financial situation will look like in the future.

For people who find themselves unexpectedly out of work or without their usual income, we can provide advice to help you manage this potentially difficult and stressful time by recommending decisions and investment choices regarding lump sum payments, superannuation, taxation and social security entitlements.

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