Getting Married

Getting​ Married

Marriage means shared finances, and many people enter into a lifelong commitment without giving a thought as to how to arrange and plan for their financial future together.

Have you and your spouse talked about your saving and investing goals?

You may have contrasting philosophies on money, and your spending habits could also differ.

If you’re on a lifetime journey together, you’re going to face different challenges and tasks at various times – it’s inevitable. Figuring out who is responsible for paying the bills is just the start of the decisions you will need to make together!

Getting married also means there are new financial obligations – for example, should one of you die prematurely, the spouse left behind could face a very uncertain future if the right planning isn’t in place.

Having a well-articulated shared vision is one way of ensuring you’re on the right track together, and that you are working towards this common vision.

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