Fees and Costs

At Wise Owl Financial We like to be transparent with our pricing policy and fee structure


We implement a Fee for Service Model with all Insurance policies. We charge a set, agreed upon fee, up front to write an insurance policy. In turn, we will rebate the upfront commission we would normally receive. In many cases, your rebate will be greater than our up-front fee. An agreement is made that should the policy/policies be cancelled within the first 2 years, the client will be responsible for paying the clawback of commissions. (T&Cs apply).

Below is a table of our up-front insurance fees.

Single Individual

Minimum Upfront Fee for Service

One Policy

$1,100 incl GST

Multiple Policies

$2,200 incl GST



One Policy each

$2,200 incl GST

Multiple Policies

$3,850 incl GST

Claims and processing

Assistance with insurance claims have a minimum cost of $3,300, subject to prior agreement.


The minimum fee for a Statement of Advice covering Investment and/or Superannuation advice is $1,650. This fee is subject to complexity and is to be agreed prior to the
commencement of work.

loyalty program and referral award

For Family Members of clients with any of our Wise Owl Model Portfolios, we will rebate $1,000 against Statement of Advice Fees that would normally be applicable.

All clients with a Wise Owl Model Portfolios are entitled to the Wealth Report, complimentary, if adopted within the next twelve months and able to be used by their Wise Owl Financial Adviser to manage their changing circumstances.

Existing clients converting to our Wise Owl Model Portfolios within the next twelve months will receive a full rebate of our Statement of Advice and implementation costs.

We are also offering a Referral Fee rebate of $550 for any client referred by an existing client or referring partner. The rebate will be given to the client who is receiving the new advice.

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