Retirement Planning

We place your needs at the core and build tailored solutions underpinned by ongoing financial management and support.

We offer a range of advice services for individuals and business owners as well as strategies focusing on life events that impact your financial well-being or that of your business such as getting married, having a baby, a separation or planning for retirement. We take the stress out of planning for your retirement by assessing your goals, life stage and financial situation and tailoring a solution to your individual needs.

30’s Accumulation and Growth: well for your future

Planning for retirement as early as your 30’s can set you up well for future. We look at your current financial situation and build a foundation that will flourish. Some of the services that we offer include, budgeting and cash flow; debt management investment strategies; super contributions strategies and asset allocation; family, income and lifestyle protection; savings bonds and strategies. By creating you a strong foundation, we can achieve your retirement goals and reduce stress later in life.

40’s Consolidation

Throughout your 40s we will aid you in consolidating your retirement position. Our services include Investment strategies; borrowing to invest; super contributions strategies and asset allocation; super vs. mortgage; debt management and recycling; estate planning; asset selection and portfolio construction; family, income and lifestyle protection. We will maximise the growth strategies implemented and begin to hone in on your retirement goals.

50’s Pre Retirement

As you reach pre retirement age or financial position, we will help you begin to transition your wealth, lifestyle and strategy from growth and consolidation, to maintenance and management. The servies we offer include reviewing position and investment risk appetite; investment strategies, borrowing to invest, bolster superannuation contributions, asset allocation and portfolio construction; accessing superannuation, aged 55; super vs. mortgage, transition to retirement strategies; family, income and lifestyle protection. Our goal is to help your transition smoothly into retirement and take the stress out of making the big step.

60’s Retirement

We want you to enjoy your retirement and take away the hassle out of managing your finances. We service our retirees by managing their capital reserves, continued investments, estate planning, access superannuation while you work; advantages of retiring after 60; Centrelink advice; map out retirement plans and maximise income streams.

70s Retirement and Aged Care

Our retirement strategy will also help you plan for Aged Care. Services such as Centrelink assistance; estate planning, aged care options, superannuation help our clients best prepare.

At Wise Owl Financial our goal is to ensure that all parties are working optimally for your financial goals. We work in a collaborative approach with your existing financial professionals including your accountant, lawyer or banker or we can happily recommend our trusted partners for a seamless service to you.

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