2016/17 Federal Budget Update

Federal Budget

The Turnbull government handed down it’s Budget last night and, as expected, there were a number of changes to the superannuation and taxation system.

This video provides a good overview of some of the changes.


If you’re not able to watch the entire video, this document  provides an overview of the key points – Budget Video Q&A

We have some specific summaries relating to different aspects of the budget. Click on the one (or ones) that are relevant for you.

1.    Retirees/Pre-retirees
2.    Wealth Builders, Women and Families
3.    Small Business
4.    High Net Worth
5.    A Full Summary

As you can see, there are a lot of changes in this Budget. At the moment, it’s all still in the ‘proposed’ state until legislation is passed, but we can still begin to plan for the future on the assumption that these changes will occur.

If you’d like to review your financial plan to see how these changes affect you and what opportunities may exist for you, please call us on 1300 858 492.


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